BlogKori is a simple and easy to use WordPress theme. If you have experience using other themes, it will be fairly easy for you to do the changes in this theme.

All the major features of this theme can be found on the WordPress customizer.

Go to your WordPress dashboard and visit Appearance > Customize

Site Title, Tagline & Logo

The theme supports a standard text site title, tagline and an image logo.

When you leave the tagline blank, it won’t show up under your site title.

You can use an image logo or banner in place of your website title. You can have your tagline visible along with the logo, if you don’t want to display the tagline just leave the tagline field blank.

To add a logo go to Header Image from theme customizer and upload a logo from your computer. Currently the theme supports a full width banner/logo which will change in the future updates. So I suggest you use a logo which is a maximum of 300 pixels wide and a maximum of 200 pixels tall.

Note about full width logo: I am going to add an option to have an advert in the right side of the logo, so in the future updates will limit the option to have a fullsize banner on top of the site. Let me know in the comments if what do you think about this feature.

Background Color and Image

You can change the background color of the site by going to the colors option. You can use the color picker to pick a color of your choice other than the default off-white color.

There is another option to upload an image background, which is part of the native WordPress features.

Navigation Menu

The theme supports one primary navigation menu. Go to Menus > add a new menu and insert the pages of your website to be displayed on top of your site menu area.


BlogKori theme has one primary sidebar to the right hand side. You can add widgets into this area by going to Widgets.

Additional CSS

If you want to customize the look of your site using CSS, it’s better to put them on the Additional CSS section in the WordPress theme customizer. This way when a new version of the theme comes up, your customizations will still be intact within WordPress.

Google Analytics (Theme Options)

In version 1.3, I have added a theme options page with a field to add Google analytics or other tracking codes.

Go to Appearance > Theme Options and enter your Google analytics tracking software code. This will put the code into your site and you will be able to easily track your website visitors without having to install another plugin on edit the theme files.

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